Full Moon Renewal “Cut Energy Cords”

Friday is the full moon also knows as the “pink moon.” The moon gets its name because of the flower “Phlox” that bloom during this period. take the time to take leadership and bloom into existence! Try some of these meditations between today and the full moon 4-19-19.

If your anything like me your strongly influenced and affected by the moon. Emotional, tired and overstimulated! It’s a crazy whirl wind of highs and lows. Its hard to make sure the moons influence doesn’t create negative vibes and energy. Sometimes we can have a toxic build up of energy from past relationships, insecurities, and more.

So how can I release, renew or cut energy cords?

cord cutting

There are different ways to practice this long preformed method of release. The easiest way is through meditation and visualization. Breathing exercises help to release any anxiety while seeing the energy within your mind helps pinpoint and heal the pain.

When I preform Cord cutting meditations I like to actually perform the cutting like you would with actual scissors. Action and visuals are so powerful. I’ve included a link to a mediation/visualization or cord cutting.


we are emotional

we are energy

We are all connected.

Cord cutting practice

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