Day 18 Self Love "Forgiveness"

Day 18… What is one change you can make to increase your happiness?

What a question.. How should we begin.. My mind instantly flooded with emotions and like 10 different directions. My first instinct was “Forgiveness”.

What is one thing we could forgive to increase our happiness?

There are so many things in life that can be affecting our happiness. Look for the one thing that challenges your true north. What keeps you straying from your true purpose and connection to your highest good. Feel that… Yes its the emotions you need to let in. Warm your humanity and feel the complex emotions rush. Connecting with that one thing we can’t forgive and accepting the hold can bring us one more step to the breath of fresh air we have been yearning for. Have faith in the unknown and like my dear friend Jen Knight would say, “Its not for you, let it go.”

Today I was faced with two opportunities.. Act with instinct or act with impulse.. I chose the righteous path and acted with kindness and mercy. It is not up to me to pass judgement, but to act with love, tolerance and patience. I have come too far in my journey to sacrifice my highest good.

Be great and love with passion..