“Entitlement” Why this is bad for business!

It’s ok to have expectations.

It’s ok to feel like something better is coming.

It’s natural for you to want more and by all means do so! Reach for the stars dream your wildest dream into fruition. We all want to be successful. However do you know the basic components that go into being successful? This weeks blog post focus is on why being entitled can effect your relationships with others especially when it comes to business.

No matter what industry your in this is going to apply. There’s basic principles and respect that need to be given in order for others to invest, respect and acknowledge your hard work. Most people look at their situation with a sense of, “I spent all this time doing all these things and spending all this money! So why does no one support or respect me?”

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Let’s stop there. Are there things in your life like the way you talk will someone or react to a situation that’s could potentially be affecting your relationships and even your business? Common respect and honesty is huge and top of the list. Get Creative because ethics are also a huge part of effectively running a business and keeping open lines of communication with those who work for you. What is the driving factor that’s caused this fracture or break in communication and respect? Really evaluating your means of communication, the way in which you address individuals. For example are you too abrupt, lack consistency, feel like no one understands you? Focus on the areas in which you feel are lacking abundance.

If you are business owner this is critical for you success. You could be making thousands or even millions of dollars and loose it all tomorrow because you can’t properly communicate and are too egotistical. Yes the “Ego” The one thing that gets over looked and brushed aside! Ego can either be beneficial or detrimental. Your choice to use it in a positive way or a negative way. Remembering that no matter the situation there are consequences for every action. Whether that is a good or bad consequence is entirely dependent upon your cause and the effect and the impact it has on those around you.

I’ve included some bullet points to help distinguish good ethical values in business:

  1. honesty

  2. integrity

  3. Trustworthiness

  4. loyal

  5. Fairness

  6. concern for others

  7. respect for others (so important!!!!)

  8. Law abiding

  9. commitment to excellence

  10. leadership

  11. reputation and morale

  12. accountability

Don’t allow those values to hinder your success. Find which ones resonate and build on that. If there are ones that you feel you may be lacking in.. Good start there don’t beat yourself up over it we are all flawed. However, you have the choice to help shift anything that’s hindering your growth and relationships. Ask those who are apart of your team how you can better serve them. This is the first step with changing your mindset! Hope this helped today!!


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