Mana “pure energy; essential to life”


Mana is considered to be the purest form of energy.

Your Probably wondering?

Where is it? & What is it?

Well here are some definitions

  • mana(Noun)

    A form of supernatural energy in Polynesian religion that inheres in things or people.

  • mana(Noun)

    Magical power.

  • MANA

    Mental, physical, spiritual, strength, authority and power

Sounds amazing and mysterious right?

And now your probably wondering how you can partake in this amazing essence??


The first step In connecting with this amazing energy is:

  • Envision how this pure raw form of energy will absorb into yours..

Simple visualization of what you want followed with:




These feelings help guide your intuition also known as your inner insight. Take the morning Dew for instance. This is a form of mana energy. Mana existing in formed concentrated droplets of moisture. Picture each one effortlessly dangling from the tall blades of grass. Go ahead take your shoes off in the dawn and absorb this energy. Careful… watch for dog poop..


Plants are apart of this beautiful energy called mana. The connection with each plant, animal, human and source is to show the deep rooted thing we all share…


or as I like to call it..

Pure beauty.

If we as a society we could shift our focus and shift our consciousness just a degree we could start to weave in the golden threads of purpose and energy to satisfy the need to revive the old ways.

The golden age

What time of great peace, art, poetry, magic and Greek and Roman culture.What time where humans and a more dollars lived together on ou Time where humans and immortals lives together. One of the famous Greek goddesses



Artemis is a goddess in Greek mythology. She is one of the Twelve Olympians. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She is the twin sister of Apollo. Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wild animals and the wilderness.

I like to think my Simba understands me!

I like to think my Simba understands me!

Can you see there are reoccurring patterns. We are connected all things in nature and in the cosmos. Energy goes back out into the collective and gets recycled. So if you Feel yourself connected to a different culture or gods or goddesses you may just happen to be a recycled version of Mana.

As you can tell the image above looks more like a fairy. Just got done celebrating the summer solstice and the fairies are you looking for your soul family if so visit my page Intuitives unite on Facebook.


Xoxo 😘Elise

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