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This podcast is for the Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Free spirit and Infinite dreamer. Journey with me each week as we feature amazing guest to talk about their unique entrepreneurial journey. We dive into their unique and individual stories to promote laughter, inspiration to inspiring entrepreneurs. Feel the ease of conversation and enjoy the laid back flow. Good vibes a great time!

I really enjoyed being a guest on The Creative Intuitive’s Podcast! Elise’s thoughtful questions helped me to explore the social media and marketing steps I discovered on my journey and how lessons learned could be applied to the audience. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or love a good “how I got from here to there” story, you will enjoy this podcast! I am now a huge fan and listen every week!”
-Angela Hosking Her one Tribe

Upcoming Guests!!


Lana Nelson

Intuition is an amazing gift and what better way to exercise and use it than with your nutrition and getting healthy. Her book “The Food Codes” is a tell all on how Lana and her husband created a idealistic plan to help anyone eat healthy for their own unique needs.

I am super excited my fellow intuitive guest Lana from Montana. Lana is also a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Reiki Master Teacher who counsels in nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic therapies. Her focus is on individuals, couples and families who struggle with food, health, and emotional problems.

Inspiring more people to get healthy and whole! This is right up my ally and I hope you guys are looking forward to this episode!

Available 6-21-19

Check out her Media page to learn more about her and keep an eye out for our episode.


Mylf & Cookys

This episode is sure to hit the sweet spot! I had the pleasure of finding my girl Jasmine Via my favorite social platform EVER!!!

Instagram <<<< Go follow her!

Just two moms talking about mommyhood, finding our passions and making it all work! Jasmine turned her hobby of baking sweet treats infused with the amazing healing effects of CBD. All the fun without the psychoactive effects!! Win win and let me tell you she is the next hottest thing in the cannabis industry!

This amazing bombshell will be gracing my podcast!

Available next Friday 6-21-19

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That time I was Interviewed…

Enjoy this amazing episode where I get interviewed about my journey and the major shift in my life! I am the unconventional Entrepreneur! Thank you to the amazing Lindsay Beyak and Annie Wickham hosts for the amazing Shift-ED Podcast!!

What are my guests saying?

Had an amazing podcast interview with Elise! Was really fun and she made it super comfortable. Definitely recommend subscribing to her podcasts! Nothing but love! - Josh SLYK Shade
Positively intuitive and creative.
Elise provides real, raw, no BS tips and strategies. She’s full of energy and leaves out of the fluff you find in ALOT of podcasts. I was honored to be not only a guest but to follow her journey and all the empowering women she brings on.
This is a must to add to your list. Make it a habit to listen and implement in the truth bombs she drops. -Bridgit Norris
I truly enjoyed the genuine line of questioning and relaxed, intuitive atmosphere. I will now be an avid listener! -Steven Kuhn
Elise invited me on to her show for a podcast interview. It was comfortable, fun, and meaningful. She’s a warm host and a passion filled entrepreneur. -Amanda Kingsley Connected Growth Coaching