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Entrepreneurs, Freelancers And passionate souls on a mission sit back and indulge in all aspects of life, business and wellness! Digital marketing tips are just a few of the tricks Elise has up here sleeves. Want a raw honest podcast you found it! Just a bunch of fellow entrepreneurs sharing stories, laughter and their badass passions. Are you sick of all the fluff with other podcasts? Ya! Me too!

So, get inspired, get rewired! It’s time to dive into the world of utilizing your gifts and resources so you can grow both professionally and personally! Don’t forget to subscribe and share!

I really enjoyed being a guest on The Creative Intuitive’s Podcast! Elise’s thoughtful questions helped me to explore the social media and marketing steps I discovered on my journey and how lessons learned could be applied to the audience. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or love a good “how I got from here to there” story, you will enjoy this podcast! I am now a huge fan and listen every week!”
-Angela Hosking Her one Tribe

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John Faisandier

This is John Faisandier. He is an amazing entrepreneur with an extensive background in Anthropology and Theology, and a Masters in Adult Education (with Distinction). As a #psychodramatist over the past 20 years he has helped thousands of people understand the complexity of emotions and how to better yourself to overcome the battle of the mind. Through Workshops, in corporate trainings John made Thriving Under Fire a successful tool. Through #mindfulness and uses of real life scenarios John has been able to master his studies, strengths and experiences to continue his vision that he could help people manage emotions at work. Like most #entrepreneurs John has many hats and continues to; his background includes working as a teacher, pastoral assistant, university chaplain, counsellor, Race Relations mediator, Life Skills tutor, psychodramatist and trainer of counsellors in a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility. For the past 14 years he has run his own business TUF: Thriving Under Fire.

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New Season

Each journey is unique!

Each journey is unique!

Season 1


That time I was Interviewed…

Enjoy this amazing episode where I get interviewed about my journey and the major shift in my life! I am the unconventional Entrepreneur! Thank you to the hosts Lindsay Beyak and Annie Wickham hosts for the amazing Shift-ED Podcast!!

What are my guests saying?

Had an amazing podcast interview with Elise! Was really fun and she made it super comfortable. Definitely recommend subscribing to her podcasts! Nothing but love! - Josh SLYK Shade
Positively intuitive and creative.
Elise provides real, raw, no BS tips and strategies. She’s full of energy and leaves out of the fluff you find in ALOT of podcasts. I was honored to be not only a guest but to follow her journey and all the empowering women she brings on.
This is a must to add to your list. Make it a habit to listen and implement in the truth bombs she drops. -Bridgit Norris
I truly enjoyed the genuine line of questioning and relaxed, intuitive atmosphere. I will now be an avid listener! -Steven Kuhn
💕What I must say is it’s truly a rare gem to me to meet such real people online driven to connect community thru our creative differences and equally in our struggles!

The host Elise, was such a great interviewer; sharing her own experience with her guests taking you down the rabbit hole and enlightening you with true creative community!

I can also say; (what a wonderful warm platform Anchor is hosting The Creative Intuitive) if you haven’t already checked out this podcast episode here is our interview link directly to her podcast; you definitely should hear our interview and the other interviews on her podcast are so amazing!

So-many, amazing people I get to know and hear their amazing stories of triumph and entrepreneurship ✊ definitely give it some love and let The Creative Intuitive know I sent you! - Ms Chronic Chronicles
Great information and helpful intuitive!!! LOVED being on Podcasts and sharing!!! Keep up the good work!! -Wendy Shugar, Happy Hikers Fitness