What kind of coaching do I offer?

Life & Social Media Coaching

With so many platforms available its hard to determine which one is right for you. Maybe you need Facebook to market or Instagram to visually brand yourself and network. Let’s not forget about Twitter, Linked-in or more. Maybe you’re a blogger or writer who needs help and guidance on which platforms are going to scale and grow your brand or business. This can be overwhelming. Dive into one of my unique courses to explore more about social media and which platforms are going to benefit you and your business.

Most people don't realize that personal branding is not the outer appearance or materialistic things!


What is personal branding:

personal branding consists of your personal values and skills that make you strive to be greater!


Business branding is taking your personal and professional skills and utilize each to compliment your work ethics and business practices. Creating a brand that honors not only your mission and goals but your true human nature.

Some Helpful tips to think about before booking your consultation:

Do You Have A Pre-brand Strategy?

Who are you marketing to?

  • What problem are your going to solve?

  • What is your Expertise?

  • What is your brands message?

  • How can I use Personal branding to enrich My business?

  • What kind of business am I building? 

  • How can I use social media to Help me and my business?

What’s your purpose?

I Know mine:

I’ve been told I am a light worker, an empathetic listener and a healer with words.

I also have over 8 years experience being self taught in social media management and marketing, most recently starting my own marketing and web design business . A background in heath care and hospitality. I understand the concept of marketing and over all complexity of branding. Connecting ideal customers and clients to create and produce results. Most importantly, coming from a long line of entrepreneurs I understand the hard work and dedication needed to sustain and build a successful business.

These are values and principles I worked hard for and always knew I could retain and pass on to others like me. I offer self guided courses or custom coaching so we can work through any set backs or uncertainty to fundamentally develop routines and supportive skills so you can work to become the best version of yourself.

All coaching sessions follow the same guidelines as HIPPA. Your privacy is top priority and very important that’s why I offer meetings via Zoom or by telephone.