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I have been growing and developing my spirituality even more.. I started a new private community in Facebook called

Awesome energy and personality had a very accurate read from her was great would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reading
Light n love! - Denise T

Intuitive’s Unite

This group is a spiritual community, support group and a soul family. Please make sure to enter this group with love and understanding. Our group is comprised of those in their spiritual path and those who are just entering. Most of our members are intuitive-empaths, have some form or clairvoyance and want to find support.

My Facebook group has live oracle, tarot, rune and pendulum readings. We offer weekly and monthly giveaways and daily inspirational post from admins, moderators and members. Each inquiry requires questions to be answered to ensure your energy is going to be shared with positive intent.

Below you will be able to book private healing sessions that I currently offer.

My goal and mission is to open a healing center. If you would like to help this dream become a reality feel free to email me

Below you will find my booking information.


I Started Intuitive’s unite 6 months ago and has recently become a Certified Oracle Card Reader. Providing Healing messages to hundreds of individuals and continues to run her Life coaching business and local marketing and web design business.

Each of these healing sessions can be combined to create a custom coaching package.

Every single thing this girl does is absolutely incredible! So much love for Elise and all of our beautiful group members! Soul family forever😍 -Meghan C.


  • Oracle Card Reading-  5 card general spread or 5 month projection

  •  Combined Rune Reading & Oracle reading

  • Combined Rune and Pendulum reading 

  • Combined Pendulum Reading with oracle card clarification 

  • Combination of all services read 20 mins

Many different Oracle decks to choose from, Rainbow fluorite pendulum, crystal Healing Wheels & handmade runes

About ME

My name is Elise and I am an intuitive, empath. I’ve always felt a strong connection to angels and the divine cosmic and collective. My inspirations come from readers like Colette Baron Reid and My favorite mentor is Deepak Chopra. I am Claircognizant which is, “the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why he or she knew it.” My abilities range from psychic scent, feeling and knowing. I use Oracle cards, runes and crystals in combination with my intuitive and empath gifts to provide messages by tapping into your energy and the collectives to deliver healing guidance and support of the highest good.

Credentials: Intuitives Unite Online Spiritual Community Via Facebook & Instagram

Certified Oracle Reader- The Oracle Card Academy via Udemy

Certified Life Coach- Achology via Udemy  

Certified Law of Attraction Coach- Transformation Academy via Udemy 

new birthday club memberships!!

Become a member of the birthday club and Receive a free 1 hour in-depth reading every birthday also 7% any paid reading for life bonus gifts throughout the year!! Free entries to giveaways!! 

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Private readings

are done via:

private video link


facebook messenger



Description of readings:

20 minute readings include:

11 card tarot or oracle spreads and runes

45 minute readings include:

22 card tarot or oracle spreads, runes and 1 crystal healing wheel of your choice

60 minute readings include:

33 card spread or tarot or oracle, runes, all three crystal healing wheels

10% off a future booking.

Gotta say 😘 1st loved Elise live, and the reading... Just beautiful and she gave me a lot of answers that I was asking myself deep down 💥🌟💜😘😘💜🌟 thank u sooo much -Miyuki j.

Private parties & Gatherings

Have a special event or gathering? Send us a email with details.

Book us for your next gathering or party this includes two hours worth of readings and intuitive guidance max of 10 people. Host will receive free reading and a bonus future 30 min reading in future. 

Willing to travel 🧳

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Get Certified

Udemy Offers amazing courses and Instructors


She gave me the same confirmation as others and insight on crystals to wear for certain chakras I need healing with. Her spirit is sweet and amazing! 💕
Literally havent had a reading that didnt help me and I jump on the lives every day!! definitely recommend getting the private reading.. I was blown away at the accuracy of mine and love the 1:1 setting. Plus Elise has such a great personality, you’ll definitely be laughing and laughter is the universal medicine to all souls 💖
-Anastasia L.
Did a card reading with me and was incredibly accurate. She is truly gifted and a caring soul. Highly recommend - Rachel S.
Elise is the best. I’ve gotten several readings from her and she is always spot on. She is just a lovely soul that truly just wants to help others. -Lisa R
This is the best place to go for a card reading not only do you get a reading but you also feel the happy outgoing spirit that lifts you. Her cards resonate with things that’s going on in my current life which is spot on amazing. Since I been in her other group I can say it’s nothing but positive vibes which I’m sure everyone would love. I truly recommend her one hundred and fifty percent - Shanee C.
Elise’s energy is amazing and her reads are 100 % accurate. I would highly recommend Elise 100 times over again! - Erika B
I am a member of Intuitives Unite....A Facebook Group where she goes live and does a variety of readings. I was open minded at first, and slowly but surely I decided to book a session. All I can tell you is that it was a wonderful investment. I even paid her more money because the session went over. She didn’t ask , however she is a powerful reader with a beautiful spirit and energy. -Elleria, As Told By Tarot
I feel like I have found where I belong. I love being a part of such a great group of amazing people.
-Waken Y.
Before I joined this group with Elise, I was heartbroken, distorted inside, always negative, always sad or mad, helpless with myself and plan out miserable. Elise by far did her work with me!!! She’s beyond amazing to where I’m positive, I forgave myself for all my past, I became a better me!!! I can’t thank this girl enough for EVERYTHING that she has brought me, if it wasn’t for her I may not of been here today writing this!!! Elise thank you with all of me YOU SAVED MY LIFE! I love you beyond words❤️ -Nikki H
I had a reading today done by Intuitive’s Unite and it was on point! I got a lot of confirmation and peace of mind all at the same time. A push to stay in the race to see what the end will be!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Toya L.
Elise is amzing. And such a beautiful soul. She is spot on with her intuitive gifts and so comfortable to tlk with and just spend time with. Her laugh is infectious and she is honest in her approach. Ty so much for being here and such a positive guide
Leslie D
I had a reading done today and she was spot on. She helped me process some of my passed trauma and helped me on my journey. I highly recommend her! 💕
April E.

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