Wonderment Mountain Healing Center

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Healing one Heart at a time.

Help fund and support this dream of bring healing and wellness to all. This will be a non profit center to accept all insurance. No one will be turned away.

a healing center?


I am a certified life coach, Law of attraction coach, Digital marketer, web designer and health care management graduate.

My mission is to build a healing center to include other healing professionals that will help heal and bring back the interconnection experience we are missing in today's society.

This healing center will incorporate my love of Food, Music, Culture, healing modalities, nature and of course animals. (horses to be specific) This center will feature commercial kitchen which will be open to the public to support the local tourist influx.

A fully operational farm to be sustainable along with energy efficiency. There will be lodging on premises featuring cabins, octagon buildings and tenting will be available to those looking for a more rustic healing experience. On site chefs will be available for 24 hour assistance. Please help this dream come to light!

The structure of the center will run as follows:

In house healers and visiting healing professionals will include:

Life Coaches

Veteran support services

Trauma & Grief coaches
Intuitive & Spiritual healers
Addiction Coaches
Relationship coaches

Personal Trainers
Nutritionists and Chefs
Yoga instructors
Energy workers
Animal healing specialists

Meaning and Significance

Definition of wonderment

according to Webster Dictionary

1: a cause of or occasion for wonder


3: curiosity about something

-A mountain represents an exalted state of mind where the divine plan may be perceived and unfolded; a state of spiritual realization.

To me this center is a place for people who have faced adversities of all kinds. A place to heal, relate, connect and transform their body, minds and soul.

please send a email to elise@creativeintuitive.com if you would like to be on the list to be a featured healer.

visit website to learn more about me


There will be workshops to increase your quality of life and connection with not only yourself but with nature, people and the energy that is in all that surrounds us. Workshops will include:

Working with plants to heal
Developing your intuition
Empowerment & Confidence
Vision Board & Law of Attraction
Personal Branding & Business Branding
Learning to cook healthy
Healthy eating & Wellness
Working With Energy to heal
Working with Animals to heal

All teachers and coaches will be certified.

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Thank you for helping make this dream a reality. The center would be built in Western Massachusetts with the hopes of expanding to other parts of the united states. My Goal is to have 3 healing centers.

I have contractors with over 35 years experience already selected that can work and harvest timber on property to cut down on construction and building costs. Property is extremely affordable here and I am Looking to purchase a minimum of 33 acres. Western Massachusetts. Why? Because this rural area is rich in recreational activities and has the right to farm. Never mind all this untapped beauty will help add to this healing centers name “Wonderment.”

Who will benefit?

Those looking for a judgement free zone where they can come and stay or visit for the day! Either way you will find healing in whatever healer or professional you choose to work with. I look forward to finding amazing investors and financial supporters to help bring healing to the forefront of our health and wellness industry!

Currently there are two fundraisers going on. Option one is for the short term to get LLC and business start up costs. Option two is a fundraiser to actually purchase the property and build the center.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Elise Skibik

Creative Intuitive.

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Thank you

You are amazing for helping support my dream! I believe we can live in a world where we don’t have to struggle to find the answers we need. I believe we can heal through natural methods and tapping into the infinite power of energy around us.

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Current Donors!


Lana Nelson

This amazing woman is a Intuitive Nutritionist! She has pledged $50 to help the center!

You never know she may be one of our guest Healers!

Learn more about her amazingness below!